ASL for kids?

Question:Can anyone recommend a book for teaching American Sign Language to a 6-year-old? He isn't deaf, but I thought it might be fun anyway. He learned to read with "teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" very quickly at 5, so we think he's bright enough.

Well, I don't have a recommendation for a book, but I do have a website you might enjoy:
It just gives you a little, mainly words and phrases, but it has video to show you exactly how to do it, plus they have asl for small children as well as adults.
I used it with a child I used to babysit that was autistic and it was great.
It won't give you an extensive education in asl, but your six yr old will have fun with it while you are deciding which direction to go with the book and all.
The Bill Rice Ranch has created several resources that are good. Instant Immersion software is good, Hypersign for kids is good too.
Try Instant Immersion American Sign Language Deluxe
Scholastic's has a simply little book, called:
You can Learn Sign Language by, Jackie Kramer & Tali Ovadia.
Introducation to American sign language.
ISBN 0-439-63583-7
Cost about $6.00
I don't use a book but I am using the Signing Time DVDs with my boys. They love it!! Even my 2 year old is learning the signs quickly.
My 9 and 7 year olds use ASL, and we plan to use it with our daughter that is due in September. My favorite book is Signing Made Easy. I have lent it out so I am not sure of the authors, but it has a blue cover with two hands on it (making a sign, of course).

I think it is wonderful. I wish I had taught them as babies, but they were about 2 and 4 when we started.

Visit your local library-they have a ton of books you can borrow and determine which ones you like before you purchase. There are also numerous videos available.

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