Are Homeschool parents schizophrenic?

Question:What happens at your parent-teacher conferences? Do you look in the mirror and say, "Now Johnnie is not working at his fullest potential", and then respond by saying, "Oh, no you are not talking about my Johnnie. I think there's a personality conflict between you two. Maybe if he was in another class." (Smile)

[I'm a homeschool parent and I asked my wife this? It's a Joke.]

lol You should do stand up. Go on last comic standing. They would love you.

My husband asks me every year if he's going to get a report card for the kids. haha.
I love it!!
Hee hee...that's what I call it (jokingly) when I talk to myself...a parent-teacher conference ;-)

Thanks for the giggle!
Now I also have a label for all the times I walk around mumbling to myself about different aspects of homeschooling. I'll just call it a parent teacher conference and hope no one calls mental health services.
Funny, but real.
The many hats a home school parent wears, may at times make us feel like we have multiple personalities, and this may explain why I find myself talking to "me" a lot.
I thought it was just old age catching up with me.
Thanks for pointing out that I am not alone :)
That is acutally multiple personality disorder, not being schizo.

but I get it. Heard it before on comedy central
That's one for the books.
Personality One just reminded me that we need to schedule a conference. P2 says---uuuuummmmmm (can't make it out).

Just remember Talking to yourself is a sign of intelligance, it's the answering yourself that causes the problems.
No but since there are two of you, you can ask the other teacher out and have a real parent teacher confrence. haha

Sometimes it feels this way! :P
I'm not schizophrenic but I am going crazy.
I have a t-shirt that says, "Homeschool Mom - please don't interrupt me, I'm in the middle of a parent-teacher conference!" :-)

For real, though, I think as HS parents we do tend to second-guess ourselves at times about certain issues. It's also hard at times to separate the parent role from the teacher role, too. Sometimes it's necessary to break up the two. :-)

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