Boarding Un-School, can it work?

Question:Hello, I'm designing an alternative school in Australia, sort of aiming to provide a montessori/free-school style education. I'm thinking along the lines of "un-schooling at school". For the senior years (10-12) I was wondering if it would be worth having some sort of boarding facility, because it just seems like a good idea (more time to confer with peers and teachers, studious atmosphere, yet allowing the room to grow into their own person)
The boarding wouldn't be compulsory...just an option for students who may live in the country...or just need the climate.

So, Does a boarding un-school contradict itself?

What you describe sounds like a cross between Summerhill and Sudbury Valley .
Well you need to explain more what you mean by "un-school" - it kinda sounds like it would undo all the schooling.which I don't think is the idea! But thinking along the lines of montessori and free school styles of education I think that a boarding option fits fine!

(I think "non-school" is more what you mean rather than "un-school" although the name still need to be played with more!)
You'd be talking something like a boarding experimental lab.

A big building with lots of toys and the option to use the instruction book or a tutorial.

It would be expensive. You'd need all sorts of toys for people to play with.
I don't think you can call it Unschooling, but you can open up a boarding school and teach in the manner you would like, but you do need to follow the laws of your country.
Yeah, it can work. You'd have your unschooling philosophy throughout the entire school, right?

So then you'd just have some dorms. Wouldn't contradict itself at all.

I wish I lived in Australia, I'd go.
Unschooling as I understand it in the states is much more child led than teacher led. Based on that, I don't knkow how well a school situation will work for child led learning. John Holt certainly would not have thought that approach was very helpful.

I also wonder how a larger setting would actually benefit the learning. if the travel time is too much, then perhaps it would be beneficial. I'm just looking at it from the view of child led learning, and have to wonder how you would organize that.

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