Can a lisenced teacher home school me?

Question:my mom can cause she travels alot and so does my dad. and they want me to be home schooled for some personal reasons. so please answer my question to answer my parents question.


Anyone your parents deem worthy can teach you. Once they officially remove you from public school your parents are responsible for your schooling so whoever they think can teach you and do a good job can do just that!

p.s. you don't have to be a licensed teacher to teach a homeschool student just be willing to learn beside your child if you aren't very familiar with something!

good luck
yes a lisenced teacher can home school you
A licensed teacher can homeschool you. My mom is, and anyway I think you HAVE to be licensed to teach homeschoolers. It works better that way because your mom knows what she is doing. But she still has to get her degree renewed.

Good Luck ;)
A teacher employed by your parents can tutor you in any subject; this however is not home schooling.

Home schooling is where the parents are solely responsible for the education of their children.
In home schooling the parents are your primary teachers, and work along side you throughout your formative years.

Another option would be that your parents could look into a program that you can do on line, while accompanying your parents on their frequent travels.
I can't see why not unless you state doesn't accept it!
Yes. Home schooling once was only when parents kept chilld out of public schools and taught child themselves.
Now, home schooling is a contract between a licenced teacher, the school system and the parents. The teacher comes to the home on desiginated days at the same time and follows the same regement as does the children who go to school. Usually there is home schooling now, mostly because classes are overcrowded, but many children are too ill to attend school in person, so parents contract with school system to have a teacher come to their home to teach their child(s)
My daughter home schools her youngest two, one is autistic and the other has a heart defect . The one who is autistic is very intellegent but cannot tolerate crowds and the one with the heart defect is fragile and very ill. .
Every state has their own requirements, but as long as it doesn't go against your state regs, it should be fine. Not every state requires a licensed teacher, and not every state requires that the school district be involved. You can find your state requirements at
Depends on your state and the rules. Many states will allow parents to employ a private teacher as long as that teacher meets all the state qualifications and is liscensed in that state. Other states only allow parents to provide the homeschooling. Go to the website for the HomeSchool Defense League and check it out.
What you are describing is less homeschooling and more personal tutoring (although most people group them together nowadays). Most likely the answer is yes, but since I don't know what state you live in, I can't be sure. Each state has their own laws on schooling, so you'd have to find out what the state requires. That said, if a teacher is certified by the state to teach in public school, there should be (note, I said SHOULD be) no problem teaching in a private school of one student (you!)

Another option is to school yourself (depending on your age). If you are high school age, there should be no reason why you can't learn things on your own. Check out _The Teenage Liberation Handbook_ by Grace Llewellyn. In it, she explains all about self-teaching (what it is, its advantages) and how to convince your parents.

Best wishes!
Try a DVD Program. I'm doing it this upcoming school year. The teacher's on the screen. Search A BEKA DVD Program and see what comes up.
Yes, they can. Pretty much any adult that has a high school degree can homeschool. You don't HAVE to have a license to homeschool somebody.

But, unless your state requires otherwise, there is no problem with it!

I use BJ Homesat, so I have my teachers on the TV, and I personally think it's much better than having your parents do it, cause you still feel like you're doing school.
If you can find one. Or a tutor would workto..
Hope thsi helps!!

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