Any girls that homeschool age 16?

Question:around lake county illinois? I just started homeschooling
a few months ago and wanted to get an idea as to how many girls my age homeschool. And you may say I could just go to the mall or something to get a gf but I think girls that homeschool would have more in common with me because people that homeschool and usually more independent and intelligent.

I'm 16 and just started homeschooling this year. Its going great I have a lot more confidence, am much more relaxed and am enjoying life more than ever. I'm in NY though :)
I started homeschooling last September when I was 16, but now I'm 17. It is so much better than public schooling; I have a better quality of life and a better attitude. Also, I understand my schoolwork and learn it better independently. But i'm not that intelligent!
I'm home schooled and I'm 16. I will be graduating in the end of June, right before my birthday (july 11). I live in Ohio, but I do distance learning through American School and they are in Illinois.
You should get involved in a home-school group. I'm sure you will find a ton of people you have things in common with.
I'm public schooled. However, my best friend is seventeen and she is homeschooled (yes in IL but not around your county). Surprizingly, well not really, she's not the only homeschooled person her age that I know! I know that she got involved in some local groups that were for homeschooled kids only. She's in a jazz band for only homeschooled kids, and she's in a 4-H for Homeschooled kids. Just keep your eyes out there, you're not alone!
Good luck!

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