By the way, I schooled our kids using ABEKA through the 8th grade.?

Question:Now in high school, they passed out of freshman math and science and are in honors English. They are very prepared for the AP courses at the high school that offer college credit. They have straight A's and both want to be engineers someday. Just a confident vote for ABEKA; make sure to do it all, though, or you will have holes. It is very challenging, but with organization and perseverance, most students can master the material.

By the way, we have ABEKA curriculum for sale at the used homeschool book sale on Thursday afternoon at Westside Baptist! Blessings, Teresa

congratulations to both your children!
Good to know, thanks. Deciding on curricula is an exciting yet daunting part of the homeschool process. I really like Abeka--at least several of their subjects, and it's nice to know that it's proven successful for your kids.
I must admit that ABEKA is (in my opinon) the best kind of homeschooling material out there to use. Even thourgh it is challenging i like it because its not borrowing like other currulums. like ACE. Believe me if anyone thinks of useing it please dont because it is very boring and tiring. I feel very happy to you because your children have succeded in ABEKA school.
I use Abeka with both my children and I have the same results. My son finished up kindergarten and we are moving on to 2nd grade material. Not enough unknown to fill up a whole year in 1st grade. I am an advocate for this curricula as well. Congrats and God Bless.
ABEKA is the best. I used it with my three children - all of which are vision impaired and have some varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities. They were in public schools through 3rd-5th grades before we made the decision to homeschool. Using ABEKA involved a lot of extra hands on work for me, but was so worth it! It would be great if ABEKA would make available their work sheets in a large and bold text format and the text of the books available on cassette to assist vision impaired students. But I realize the need may be small. Still, it was an enriching and rewarding experience for our family.
I used ABeka K-12th grades with both my kids with great success. We would complete a grade whenever they were done with the work, taking time on the areas they needed more help on and breezing through the areas they comprehended. I did skip some boring things and areas they were not particularly interested in. Everyone has holes in their education and my goal was not to teach them everything but rather to give them a love for learning and the tools to find answers. My son just graduated from the University of Minnesota with 2 engineering degrees both with honors and he is 19 years old! Our daughter is 17 and has just one semester before she graduates with a college degree in Literature. She already has over 50 published articles. I liked ABeka as a guide but thought doing it all was too much unnecessary work. I used SAXON for math and loved it.
Is this a question? Because it appears to be an unapologetic promotion of a product, instead.
I've been doing ABEKA all my life. Yes, I'm homeschooled. lol. All except for grade 5. We tried Bob Jones. We like ABEKA better.

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