Any pointers on how to best homeschool a young child?

Question:What is the best way to teach a child to read, write, and do basic kindergarten/first grade math?

leap frog makes fridge magnets that fit into a base
that will play a song identifying the letter and give the sound or sounds that letter makes. I credit my child's early reading (very fluent and advanced at three) to these.

(copy and paste from a previous answser I gave to a similar question)

make liberal use of your local library.
observe shapes in everyday items.
spread rice or flour over a baking sheet and use his finger to trace letters, numbers and shapes.
teach him to count using toys, then after he's learned his numbers to twenty you can teach place values using dried beans and popscicle sticks. count out 10 together and glue them to a popsicle stick. do this 10 times and you show that 10 tens are one hundred, and you can graphically represent for him all the numbers under 100.
cook together
play games together
play store and put prices on things, then give him that many pennies when you "shop" for toys in his room/"toystore"
increase his awareness of phonics by challenging him to name things that start with certain sounds
write him notes, and help him write, too.

here are some great websites for pre-schoolers:
There is no "best" way it depends on you and your child. Encouragment is the best. Try different things and see which way your child reacted the best to. Which he/she had more fun doing. If the child responds well to one of them then take that route. I found 2 of my kids responded well to question and answer periods. While another like to be given the stuff and sit by himself to complete it. The 4th wel were still working on him hehe. Only thing that seems to work for him is being on the computer, but sitting there all day isn't my idea of an ideal situation for a kid. Hope this helps some.
Reading your duplicate question, it doesn't sound like you're really going to homeschool her - you're just looking for summer enrichment activities.

There are a lot of free online sites to help with what you need. Starfall is a great one for reading:

I recommend the Leap Frog DVD's also. They are wonderful! There are three reading ones and one math one.

I would just model reading and math all day long. Label items in the house, count and sort beans, M&M's, etc.

You could find the inexpensive workbooks at discount stores and work on them.

Do you know your daughter's learning style? That's the first place to start. You want to teach her based on that style - visual, kinesthetic, auditory, global.
Make your own literacy centers.
I have fallen in love with Kumon Books. I have gone through so many books but these are awesome. You can find them at Barnes and Noble or even cheaper at Each book caters to the age of your child. Put it this way. My daughter just turned 4. She can write her entire alphabet, write numbers to 30 and count to 100. She just started learning words and its not even time for her to go to Kindergarten yet. The books take your child step by step. But its never boring. My daughter can't wait to do them each day.
This is the best thing I have ever found. To me these books surpass Phonics ten fold. These books just basically do repetition until it becomes second nature to your child. I will use this with all my kids.

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