American school or keystone?

Question:i am trying 2 decide what homeschooling program

I'm American school it is great i never felt sooo happy about myself I'm only 16 and I'm getting my High school diploma I'm sooo excited ever since i enrolled at the school not once have i thought if only i wasn't home schooled there is also on line chats you can see how your doing everyday and its great i love it
I am in Keystone, and I love it. I am in constant contact with my teachers, there is a discussion board for the students to interact, and the courses are great. I've loved it more than any other school I've been to. I think it would even be alright for someone who wasn't a geek, as I am and I'm very proud of it. The format is very easy to navigate. There are many courses to choose from, and I was so glad I could take Latin. I've had the chance to do many more things than I could ever have done in private school.

Hope this helps!
i'm not sure...

my homeschooling program was Abeka. also had some BobJones and Christian Liberty Press--you could look through these too :)

i recommend Abeka
I heard they are both good. My son is taking
Pennfoster high school .com look it up

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