About some homework..?

Question:ok im homeschooled and i have to do a writing peice about a agument like 4 paragraphs a litersure test that has like 3 pages of questions and some math for homework how long do u think it will take?!?!?

Looking at your writing, I have to tell you that your homeschooling has not been a success.
It will take a lot less time if you start it now rather than playing around on EducationAsk.com. PS -- maybe you should practice your spelling a bit too while you are at it
a loooooooong time, hang in there
For the math, it depends on how well you are at the subject, so say if you are really good at math and you have like one page, you might get done in 5 minutes, but if you aren't so good it may take 15, or 20 minutes, and it's the same for the other thing you have to do.
Each essay question should take about 15 minutes. For example, take 5 minutes to think about the question and how you would like to answer it. Create a brief outline. Then write it! Three pages of questions will take a while if they are all essay questions! Maybe 2 hours? Pace yourself!

Math...you didn't say how much of it or how hard it is.I am guessing about 25 problems will take around 45 minutes.

Good luck!
I am a home schooling parent: English is not may native language; however young lady I would not be so quick with giving the others thumbs down, for telling the truth.

I would recommend taking great care in learning grammar, and spelling; try not to use any text message, or computer abbreviations whatsoever.

As for the length of time it will take to complete your tests, that's hard to predict; how well did you study, and prepare?

Good luck.
Since you are in Elementary school, I will estimate 3-4hrs, tops, but then, I was a slow writer then and math did not take me long.

Be happy you only have to write 4parra., I write 5-7 depending on the piece. And I do loooooong algebraic equasions, not hard, just long. Don't worry, you got some time till then
There's no way to predict how long it would take you. May I point out though that people *will* take you more seriously if you'd write "for" instead of "4" and "you" instead of "u". I can understand spelling errors (I already assumed you were in elementary school), but that other stuff is just bullshit... you know better than that!
I'm wondering why you are homeschooled. Could it be your positive attitude? The respect you have for your parents? Your willingness to do your best? Great social skills?

I guess all that work will get done when you decide to do it unless your parents nail your butt in place until you do it or they do it for you.

I'm thinking they should look into boarding school for you.

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