Wats a foster care??

Question:wat is a foster care? can u pls explain??

Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in "parent(s)" cares for minor children or young people who have been removed from their biological parents or other custodial adults by state authority. Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family found. There can be voluntary placements by a parent of a child into foster care. Foster placements are monitored until the biological family can provide appropriate care or the biological parental rights are terminated and the child is adopted. A third option, guardianship, is sometimes utilized in certain cases where a child cannot be reunified with their birth family and adoption is not right for them. This generally includes some older foster children who may be strongly bonded to their family of origin and unwilling to pursue adoption. Voluntary foster care may be utilized in circumstances where a parent is unable or unwilling to care for a child. For instance, a child may have behavioral problems requiring specialized treatment or the parent might have a problem which results in a temporary or permanent inability to care for the child(ren). Involuntary foster care may be implemented when a child is removed from their caregiver for his/her own safety. A foster parent receives monetary reimbursement from the placement agency for each child while the child is in his/her home to help cover the cost of meeting the child's needs. The amount of financial assistance typically varies from state to state and even city to city.

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It is where a family signs a legal paper saying they will be a "foster family"... In which the government will give them kids to take care of until they are adopted out to a family that wants them.
Foster Family Care is temporary care for children who are unable to remain in their own homes. Foster parents are individuals who are committed to providing a safe, temporary home for children who have been abused and neglected and are unable to remain living in their own homes.

That was directly from the Department of Public Welfare.

Basically, foster care is when kids, for many different reasons, are unable to live in their home. They become in custody of the state and live with foster families. Foster families bring the foster kids into their home temporarily. This could be anywhere from 2 days to many years.

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