Anybody got the Answers to 02400200 DENTAL TERMINOLOGY AND ANATOMY ?

Question:If you don't have the answers...Please don't respond at all!!
If you is greatly appreciated!

OMGosh! you are wanting to cheat on Dental Assisting?
I seriously hope you do not get a job in this field, or if you do, they don't let you anywhere near a patient!

Of course, you do know this is open book so you are basically telling everyone that you not only do not want to learn anything, you don't even have the enthusiasm to look up the answers for yourself.

One more thing, since your question was (paraphrased back in to recognizable English): "does anyone have the answers." I do have the answer, and therefore am qualified to answer it:
no, I do not.
If you really were a good girl, you wouldn't be cheating.
I agree with the first poster, you don't deserve a job if you don't take seriously the responsibility of knowing what you're doing when working in the health care field.

and don't tell people not to respond. it's an open forum, and SOMEONE needs to act as your conscience, as you don't seem to have one.

I'm really tired of you cheaters. Home schooling has enough of a PR problem without you twits doing this.

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