Home conservatory EOG order??

I was not long put into home school-for reasons I'm not proud of-but I've be doing 'alright',not great but,alright.And I'm trying my hardest to do well adequate to be put back within high conservatory,but if i want to take the EOG's beside the rest of the school,ailing have to directive it now,problem is,I cant find any sites that impart information on how to order them.

I live contained by Lillington,north Carolina.Any links/advice?

I'm 8th grade,by the mode.

Note-My school abominate me for avoiding star academy and doesn't help my situation at adjectives.The principle was rude and irritable when we call.So,school assistance isn't a good way out right now..

Answers:    It sounds approaching you are doing home*bound* instruction, *not* homeschooling. The clue is since you said "put into homeshcooling".

If that is the travel case, then you are still a public conservatory student, not a homeschooler. So you would most likely lift it at your school. I'm sure they'd permit you back long ample to take it. Or your instructor would bring it to you.

I seriously doubt you can direct them yourself; it has to be a guru. That's why you're not finding anything online.

Did you see this link?


I found it by probing for "EOG North Carolina".
You may need to contact a local homeschooling support group to find out if and where on earth a EOG is being given . From my experience state test have to be administered by someone approved or licensed to administer the exam. Google: Lillington NC, homeschool support group
Hey. We homeschool in NC and I agree next to other answer...it sounds as if you are doing homebound school where on earth you are still in public academy but do your work at home.
We order the CAT check from Bayside. It is a standardized test.

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