Am I going through a phase?

Question:I'm 16 years old and the oldest of 5 other children. My mom had me young and I grew up fast.. I started babysitting at age 7. Although my mom's highest "degree" is 8th grade, I'm extremely smart, always straight A's, top of my class, a hard worker. I know everyone expects it from me, noone pushes me, and I'm told school is a waste of time. In April and May I just completely did not go to school. I felt like I was working for nothing but grades. The only thing that I wanted out of life was love, which was always provided from my boyfriend since I was 11. The only important thing to me is my boyfriend. My mom told me it was a phase, but now I'm interested in doing online schooling, which is just general schooling, when just a few months before I was in all advanced classes. I'm living with my boyfriend who is now 19 and I want to break away from my family and be near his. I know school is important, but I can never really find anything to look forward to and it's kind of boring.

It sounds like you are working, so if you stay in public school can you continue to work? If you do online schooling are you actually going to do it or just get bored and quit like you did public school? You are very young and have your whole life ahead of you so whichever you choose you need to stay in school of some sort. There aren't great jobs out there for those who don't have some sort of education. You know, if you took all those advance classes then maybe you should try and study for a GED. You can get into colleges with a GED and then you won't have to keep "working for nothing but grades." Good luck..
i dont see why you even have to do school. i mean you seems smart enough and you can live a life. so why not just find a job?? earn some money, and there are even jobs you can do online by advertising and you get a flexible pay out of it.
School does suck.

Here's a simple fact of life:

You're only going to school for the degree.

Here's a better fact of life:
After five years of college, you go to school to work under professional for a hope of working at an actual institution or working for yourself.

Here's some other good news:

After learning enough out of school, such as going through college for a few years, you learn that you can get really good jobs after obtaining an associate's degree.

So, what's the deal?

Public school sucks.
College is better but is harsh.
And the higher you go, the better it gets.

Here is the life lesson I give to those who hate school:

Learn faster.
The faster you learn, the more you push, the faster you get out.
You don't show the skills of a person who can pass college. Sure, I'm on the President's List at my college.

But you don't stand a chance for future success with your current writing skills.

Also, if I were you, I would reject your parents in some degree. If you have a nice family, accept your family. If your parents are ignorant bafoons who push you, hurt you, and hold you down, ignore them.

Either way, associate yourself with more intelligent people.
This is all just my opinion, but I'd say stay at public school, and try to get back into honors classes. It sounds like you need a challenge, and I doubt that online schooling will provide that. Another possibility is to see if there are university classes you can take, provided there is a university nearby. This is sometimes possible, but not available everywhere. It sounds like your Mom's financial situation may not be that great, and if so, there may be scholarships you can tap into. You need to raise your own bar a bit. It will be more difficult, but maybe it will be more interesting, too.
Keep at public! They provide such a better education and they help you a lot! Really, you shouldn't be living with your boyfriend. You should stay with your family and continue your education. You are making some decisions that should be made much later in life, like 10 years later. Right now, focus and try to get into a university. Whoever told you school was a waste of time was wrong. Education is everything, try to keep up those good grades!

And considering I'm 15, I know about high school. It's hard, but it's definitely worth it!

Good Luck,
Sray public as you are nearly finished.Also ffinishing school will help you get a job.Employers like people who are committed to their study and finishing things off. rather than quitters.Its just a phase athat you are going through.School does not sound very challenging if you are a high achiever.
This is the 2nd time this morning that I, a home school mom and very pro home school, am advising someone to stay in the public school system.
You need adult guidance and the public school has guidance counselors that will help you.
I'm not saying that your mother is unqualified to help you, but it doesn't seem that you are listening to her and following her advice.
Your boyfriend should want what is best for you. An education is best for you at any age and in whatever way is best for you.
If you did not go to school for 2 months, you did not get credit for those classes. If you do not do your online classes, you won't get credit for them either.
Get out of your boyfriends house! You're NOT Married! Havn't you ever read the Bible?
And as for your school, Online. Less chance of meeting another boyfriend who you want to move in with.
Congratulations. It sounds like you are going to grow up to be just like Mom. Babies happen-you should know that, even to the most careful people. Before you know it you will have one too. But that's a good thing, it's something to love. Unfortunately you will have to work extra hard to feed it and babies need mothering so there goes school. A 19 year old boy is also too young to head a household. I am sure he does not have a college degree or a high dependable income to support a family so he will have to work extra- so there goes his opportunity to go to college or training school. It is not just grades for themselves-it is grades as a ticket into universities and colleges. It is a chance to better yourself with education beyond highschool. It may seem wonderful now but believe me poverty sucks! And yes, it is a phase that the only thing you want now is your boyfriend. You are in the honeymoon phase of a relationship and are 16. You won't be 16 forever, and a bright girl like you will just get herself trapped on the minimum wage ratwheel. Your boyfriend will be trapped too. I agree. Stay in school, and you can't work and study at the same time. (I know I went down that road-never missed a nights work, never missed a days school-did lousy at both.) Why do you want to do things the hard way? Get your education first, (and tell your boyfriend to get one too.) Start your career and then shack up with your boyfriend if you still want him. Life happens soon enough, stay in school so you will be prepared to handle it. Why do you want to repeat your mothers life!?
You are still a minor and can't sign yourself up for anything in terms of school--be it public or online.

I would also suggest you see about getting a counsellor/therapist. It's not normal for someone to just decide to not go to school for a few months, it's not normal to be so attached to another person the way you are with your boyfriend, it's not normal for someone to only want love out of life. All these things and more in your message point to some real underlying issues that need to be looked at.
Forget high school. Take the GED and go strait to trade school. Poverty sucks and this boyfriend may not be forever. You don't want to find yourself staying with him because you cannot afford to do anything else.

Please use birth control. You can't afford daycare I'm sure, unless you are the provider for others. Please do not have a baby.
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I just answered another question asking almost the same thing, but I'll go ahead and repeat myself for your sake.

High school graduates (on average) make about 40% (or $10,000) more every year than drop-outs. Over a 40-year working career, that translates to about a half-million dollars.

So, at least get your diploma. If you're truly as smart as you portray yourself to be, you'll realize that finishing school is the smart thing to do.
why dont you challenge the school to give you your final tests and just get out of school...or drop out and get a GED so that you can have your degree which you will need but dont have to go thru the boring end of school. hope it helps
I fully agree with Mini above me. Get the idea of moving in with your boyfriend out of your head.
You said that your mom had you young and has all but an 8th grade education, and that you are the oldest of 5, and that you are smart. Very nice. You did not say that your mom was stupid. You did not say that your mom is irresponsible. You did not say that your mom is negligent in any way. So your Mom got married young and started a family. How nice. You said your boyfriend provides the love, but you didnt say that your mom doesnt provide any love.
If you feel that in school you are only working for grades- and yes, this is how schools are set up- the incentive to learn is not to gain knowledge, but to get 'grades'- and that is the shame about school. If you want to learn for the enjoyment of learning, for the knowledge, and increase skill level etc, i suggest you talk to your parents about the idea of homeschooling AT HOME. Not with your boyfriend. Your mother may not be highly educated, but you and she can learn new stuff together.
I think if you are 16 and living with your boyfriend you have bigger issues than schooling, but I won't touch on those, they are between you and your parents.
Regardless of whether you do on-line school or public school, or homeschool, one thing is clear; if you are bright you should continue schooling.
Do you have goals for later in life, know what you want to be when you "grow up"? (Okay, I know you are already grown up in a sense, but lots of adults are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, so maybe you are too?)
If you have no goals than any work you do will seem pointless, whether its schoolwork or housework, or a paid job. Chances are you need something to work for.
Stick with school-- don't worry if it may be boring at times, if you are doing so well, don't throw that away because you feel impatient. Really, boredom is not the worst thing to have to live through, and it won't last forever. You'll give yourself so many more options and opportunities for the future (believe me, the last thing you want to end up in is a boring job for 10 years because it's the only thing you could get!).

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