Cyber skool.........?

with live classes can you pick the time you want to start them? or do u have to do them right away in the morning?
Live classes are usually planned. I have a live class for Physical Science every Monday at one and for World History, I have a live class every thursday at ten.
Live classes are usually a teacher and 10-20 students surrounded by a chat room. The teacher can use a web cam and a microphone so the students can hear/see them. The teacher can bestow or take away privileges, like the microphone, chat, and dry erase board. They're usually fun and interesting. It's nice to take a break and be within a class with other people, hearing live voice in real-time, for a change.

So, depending on your school and their definition of "live class", the information above may or may not be correct.

I am guessing that they will be at a specific time, though.

Good luck! ;)

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