What to do when home sick from college?

i really wanted to go to school but i enjoy a horrible cough and a fever and my mom wouldn't let me go and in a minute im terribly bored and have nothing to do at adjectives i feel fine except for my cough.what should i do?
ask your mum for some treats like pretend you just feel awful and want to merely sit i front of the tv with a bowl of ice cream. take ascendancy of it :D
Strange question,ok stay back home relax.if I were u I a short time ago go online n watch and read some interesting stuffs and watch movies etc,vivacity is a fun if u take it other way it is a pain.lift the world in ur stride pain becomes fun and boring become excitement.and the sickness becomes a happyness........with in a week ur hindmost in school.
The best thing to do is rest it out.
Take a warm tub, and put on some warm clothes.
Use vick-vapor rub if you have any, and rub a little on your chest.
Watch tv, or a movie, or write something, and newly sit around the house until your cough settles down.
I get sick very easy, and this is what I do and it adjectives goes away in about 3 to 4 days. Hope I could relieve you. :) Source(s): experience.
Just cough your sickness out, don't wash your hands too much because it will stop your immunity to future illnesses. Make sure you spread as many germs as possible so you can increase you friends'/family's imperviousness. Source(s): I'm a physician.
I always take a bubble bath. Or you could other pop in a movie.
Watch tv or a movie, read a book, play on the computer. Enjoy being sick and getting a break from college! Sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, take a nice hot bath, paint your nail. Stuff like that, just relax! I hope you get idea better soon! Take care. :)

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