"Home-made" homeschool lesson plans?

I knew a parent in our old homeschool support group who earn money by designing and selling her own unit studies and lesson plans. She apparently sold them over the internet as .pdf files or she would put the various materials on a disk and mail them to customers. She didn't engineer a ton of money, but she did make a reasonable amount and she really enjoyed helping out other homeschool parents.

My interview is this. What would it take to start doing something like this? Are there any lesson plan "sharing" websites surrounded by existence already where one could get started? What would you as a homeschooling family want to see within something like this, and would you spend, oh, say, $5-$10/unit study or series of lessons if it be a one-time charge and you could use and re-use them all you like?

You might want to start near a Blog to see if there would be interest in your materials and then when your readership expands I don`t know move into an "online store" or website format? I know of a few websites that started out just as you described and now have blossomed into home-based businesses for these homeschooling family. I would say that if it's on your heart to do something like this, then be in motion for it! You never know what may take off or how you can help others unless you hand over it a try.

In the Hands of a Child is a lapbook/unit study company that started in this way as well as Homeschool Helper (which is still free). These might grant you some ideas. You might also want to contact CurrClick and see if they will put your curriculum on their website with you as a "publisher." I know one of the authors on CurrClick and she is a homeschooling mom in my nouns. Just a thought! Good luck! :) Source(s): www.homeschoolblogger.com
I cannot give you much advice, but I can give you my feelings. I home schooled myself for high school and while the curriculum/lessons be good they were lacking contained by structure. I studied with the Seton school (great by the way) and their lessons be very antiquated-they literally looked like Puritan study materials.
I would have loved something close to this. It would have been very handy. Great idea, I say go for it if you can. Perhaps you could clear a portfolio and advertise to home study schools all over the country.
There are several sites for teachers that do what you're chitchat about. Some of them offer free lesson plan sharing and very inexpensive downloadable unit that have been written by teachers. One that's similar to this is http://atozteacherstuff.com. They have templates for craft projects, language arts and math course and units that are written by teachers. Check it out. The site is very professionally put together and smooth to navigate. While the lessons are geared at teachers, there is no origin that they couldn't be used for homeschooling or that a lesson geared at a homeschooled student couldn't be posted or sold in a site like this. They have secular and religious items, so really anyone could use it. If nought else, you could get ideas for what you're trying to do, as it sounds like what you'd resembling to do is very similar, just for parents, not teachers.

upright luck.

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