A Home schooler's highschool level?

When a child finishes home school curriculum, does he have a "normal" high college degree that children from public school will have? Do colleges make out this degree?
High schools don't confer "degrees" They confer diplomas.

A homeschoolers large school diploma has the same standing as any other diploma. But to be honest, this recurrently is isn't relevant. Many homeschoolers are already earning college credits at their local community colleges by the time their schooled peers are graduating illustrious school.

All the best.
Absolutely not. If a child attends an accredited public or private school the child gets a diploma from that conservatory that is valid. If a child takes the GED test and satisfy state requirements, they get a state diploma indicating a minimum standard has been met.

Homeschoolers who own no interaction with the public system do not in any way qualify for a public arts school diploma.

however, ANYONE can go to Staples, buy a pre-printed diploma and fill it out. It means that someone packed out a blank diploma, not any indicator of state sanctioned standards being met. It makes them adjectives worthless.

Recent efforts to create validity for homeschool diplomas are foolish because they are worthless pieces of paper sold to homeschoolers.

Colleges certify SAT and ACT scores, volunteer and work experience, the quality of the child's application and other criteria.
Home schoolers enjoy to meet state requirements just like any 'schooled' child does.

Yes, colleges sanction their diploma. (Check with your state for requirements, or the HELPS program in your area)
YES they will...they receive it from the SAME board of Education that all other public school kids receive...

And yes Colleges adopt home schooled students faster then public school kids so do Employers and the Job flea market......

Statistics speak for themselves
A student schooling through means other than a public academy will not receive a public school diploma, whether they are homeschooling or attending a private school. However, a diploma is just a piece of thesis that states that the student has completed the graduation requirements for their school. A public school student old pupils when they meet the requirements of their public school...a private school student former students when they meet the requirements of their private school. A homeschool student graduates when they come across the requirements of their parents, which quite often, are more stringent than the state's.

My son will graduate with at tiniest an AA degree outside of his intended major (he just plain wishes to get the degree) as well as enough credits to cover the first two years of his through. He'll be able to enter college as a junior. I don't know of too many public schools that require or submit that option. I know other homeschoolers who have graduated big school with a college degree, and some who hold interned in their intended field and have gone on to unscrew their own businesses straight out of high school. But yes, homeschool achievements and paperwork are time-honoured by pretty much any college, from your local tech school to Ivy League.

Schools don't look at diplomas...I've never once had to show mine, and I've had it for almost 20 years. A diploma is pretty much a fancy piece of tabloid that says that you met the basic requirements. Colleges and unis don't care if you can come together the basics, they care if you can rise above and meet their standards. They pass judgment this through your test scores, your transcripts, extracurriculars, leadership positions, and anything else you bring to the table. Source(s): Homeschool mom 6 years
Yes, and colleges do recognize this as long as the curriculum is attributed.

They will pay the most attention to the standardized testing scores, SATs ect. :) Source(s): experence
There is no such thing as a high school level. Many homeschoolers complete high school with most of their core college credits. Colleges not single recognize homeschoolers as high school former students, many actively recruit homeschoolers.

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