A bookshop is offering a sale discount of 40 percent on adjectives books?

a) a book is selling at $120 before any price cuts. find the new selling price after the 40% discout

b) another book now sell at $24 after the 40% discout. find the selling price BEFORE the discount is given

do you just want the answers or do you want to know how to take their?
120 X 0.40 (40%) = 48

120 - 48=72

The new price is $72

I don't know how to work out the other one. I'm sorry!
a) $120 multiplied by 0.6 gives you 60% of $120, i.e. the price of the book after it has been reduced by 40%.

b) $24 divided by 60 afterwards multiplied by 100 gives you the original full price. $24 represents 60% of the original price (full price minus 40% discount). Dividing $24 by 60 (%) give you 1% of the original price. Multiplying 1% by 100 gives you 100% or the original price of the book until that time it was reduced.

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