Alternative schooling for the able child?

Alternative schooling for the gifted child?
What can I do to help my child? School is so easy that it's boring to him. He habitually gets in trouble because he's not paying attention to matter that was learned 2 or 3 years ago! He gets surrounded by trouble for doing his work ahead of time and leaving the others behind. Seems crazy to me. Any suggestions? Already tried homeschooling. It was great but I want him to be around other children...but...he newly don't fit in with this "personality".
Yes, I have indistinguishable challenge with my daughter and I have fixed simply not to get flustered when the teacher says she's disruptive because of this root. Yeah - they are busy reading Hop on Pop - when my little girl sits at home being able to read the NIV version of the bible and the weekly. Well, most schools start with a gifted program within 2nd or 3rd grade - at least mine does. But, as a first grader - I keep describing her to be patient with the process. I too - want her to be around other kids and everything - so one thing to do is craft sure to remind your child to try to help others if he completes his work too quickly. Work with his guru to give him a buddy - that he can assist. One other idea - would be to start a reading club afterschool where every child is given books to read that are at their own personal even. You're doing a great job but I wouldn't chalk it up to personality. When the teachers put on her report card - everything exceptional - except for man disruptive and not always following directions the first time - I just think - hey there's nil much wrong here. They just don't have what it takes to give support to her reach her full potential - so I homeschool her with my own curriculum at home. It's less intense during the institution year and more intense during the summer because she loves to learn and is really smart. Why stifle her? There are gifted online educational programs that you can do - but they are expensive. I'm going to start getting some of the classics from the library this drip to read to my daughter. I don't know what age your son is but here's a few helpful links with resources and helpful information for you as resourcefully. Source(s): http://www.thenationalacademyforthegifte………
1. See if its possible for him to skip grades through a test or something at the school he's presently attending (sometimes adjectives you need to do is to request it)

2. See if there is a program for gifted children within your area. I was enrolled within GATE (gifted and talented education) The drawback to this is that he might have to transfer to another university.

3. Private/Boarding school is also a choice, however, if the school is completely self-funded, be wary, because sometimes the academy cuts corners with teachers and your son might not get a upright education for your money. This is because self funded school do not have to transport the state tests so its real education setting isn't completely revealed.
Why can't he be around other children while homeschooling?

I've been homeschooling my son (tests as exceptionally gifted) for 6 years in a minute, and we've rarely had a problem getting together with other kids. Co op twice a week, sports, Scouts, church, volunteering at the library and other places, library programming, area trips and social events with our homeschool group...he actually had to plan surrounded by "off" days so that he can rest and just work on school lol.

It really sounds like your university district isn't set up to handle actual gifted kids. Gifted kids aren't just "ahead" - they're certainly on a whole different wavelength, and need to be taught within different ways and on different levels. This can't be done in a "regular" classroom and it can't be accomplished next to a once-a-week pull-out program. Unless your school has a program complete with teacher that are trained in G/T work, I'd really say to reconsider homeschooling.

If it's freshly the social aspect, that's really quite easy to fix. Homeschool co ops and support groups are all over the place - I judge there's something like 15-20 just in my city - and he can do lately about any other programs or other things that he wants. Seriously, either capture him in a true G/T program or pull him before he completely loses his love of research. Once that's gone, it's incredibly difficult to recapture. Source(s): Homeschool mom of a gifted kid
There is no reason why homeschooling has to keep hold of him away from other kids if you put in the effort to find or create opportunities for him to be around other kids. Things approaching after-school or weekend activities for local kids are usually open to homeschoolers, especially if they aren't connected to a school. Also, in that might be local homeschooling groups in your area.
you could try an online school. he will be taught by real teacher and work at his own pace. many have able programs. and cyber charter schools are *free*…
free online school:…

with online charter school, he will be communicating with other students and his teachers, but it isn't face to face- virtual classrooms, email, chat rooms, phone call, etc.
there are plenty of ways to stay social though:
YMCA, library, public school (he can still take some classes at hand and participate in sports), home school groups, church, classes- art classes, writing classes, karate classes- the list goes on and on.
there may be home academy groupd for gifted kids in your area- do some research!
home schooling him is still an option, of late make sure that you keep him social.

if you definitely want him to attend public conservatory, have him tested- maybe he needs to be surrounded by a higher grade. also, is he in endowed programs?

good luck! ;)

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