Why am I simply sick when I return with home from arts school?

I feel fine at school. Then when I get home I set off to get a fever, and fall asleep, and hold horrible headaches. I don't get it, but its making me miserable. I don't see why it can be that I'm not getting enough sleep because when I come home I slump asleep for a few hours. Whats going on?
do you have mold within your house?
radon leak from the basement?
are you allergic to pet dander or dust?
does this affect only you or others contained by the house?

mabe its your home making you sick..
You may have carbon monoxide in your house. Go to a hardware store and buy a carbon monoxide detector. Mold or mildew is also a possibility. Are you in a humidify, humid area where that may be a problem?
What is your stress level like? Are you stressed out at school? It may explain some of your symptoms.

Others mentions mold and mildew, those are also markedly possibilities. Especially if you live in a damp climate or have have water damage to your home in recent years.

Carbon Monoxide is also a possibility although since our heaters aren't on all the same not as likely, You can get CO2 monitors for your home to find out.

Are you allergic to anything? We are in behind schedule summer and some allergens are out of control. You could talk to your parents and doctor about allergy nouns medications.

Do you feel like this if you dance somewhere else (like a friends house) ? If you don't then maybe your parents need to hold your home inspected.
because you feel lonely and bored.

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