-3-(-14 -2)=? what I don't think through!?

the answer is 13.
the answer is 13. the explanation is you do the parenthesis first, -14 minus -2 is -16, the negative subsequent to outside would then make the -16 positive, why, negative plus refusal, positive. then 16-3 is 13.
This is not as bad as it looks.

1st.. remember your order of operations pemdas!

So do the p (parenthesis) first!

-14 - 2 is -16

Take a look at a number queue if you need to!

now your problem is -3-(-16)

you have a double unenthusiastic in the middle.

two negatives make a positive

so your problem is in a minute -3+16

your answer is 13 because you are moving those 16 spaces to the right on a number line!

Hope that helps! Source(s): self.
(-3) +14+2
13 Source(s): me

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