10th position English back!!?

What is the authors' main purpose for writing "Making History With Vitamin C"? (1 point)

* to inform readers about the effects of vitamin C on sailors
* to make readers to include more vitamin C in their diet
* to describe the intense and unpleasant symptoms of scurvy
* to entertain reader with an account of Captain James Cook

Which of these was not an indirect explanation of the health problems that affected eighteenth-century sailors? (1 point)

* the difficulty of preserving food aboard a wooden ship
* people did not know of any nouns between diet and health
* sailors' unwillingness to try exotic new foods while in port
* the expense of providing fresh fruit or liquid for a large crew

Something that is obscured cannot be (1 point)

* seen.
* hear.
* touched.
* expressed.
Come on James, use your dictionary! Every good home has one!
Obscured = can't be seen
As for the Vitamin C - I could guess confidently but I recommend you read it!

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