A few Math question please back!!?

Hello everyone I got these questions wrong can someone please explain them to me i dont understand why?

^2 process to the second power

1.A recipe for 6 1/2 pounds of mixed beef and veggies calls for 2 1/8 pounds of ground beef. If 8 pounds of mixed beef and veggies are desired, how much ground beef will be needed?

2) 5 + { (1/5)/(2/10) + [ (3/10) + (5/20)/(1/2) ] + (2/3)*6 } - [ (1/2)^2*4 ] =

3)Find x in the following equation. 3/7 = x/49

4)The old Spanish silver dollar (peso) be often cut into eight pieces, called pieces of eight. If you hold two pieces of eight and are given another six, how much of a dollar do you have?

5)Terry is spending $460 per month on vehicle expenses. His total monthly income is $1,380. What lowest permanent status fraction of his income is spent on vehicle expenses?
1.you should set up a proportion for this one. it should be 2 1/8 over 6 1/2 equals x over 8. id solve it but i don't have my calculator with me.
2. for (1/5)/(2/10) you want to use recip opps. this means you flip 2/10 to 10/2 and multiply giving you 1. you can add 5 too =6. you can do the same to (5/20)/(1/2) giving you 1/2. affix this to 3/10 and get 8/10 or 4/5. 2/3 *6 would equal 4. now you need to simplify 1/2^2 times 4. tag on in the negative to get -1/4*-4. this will hand over you 1. your final answer will be 6+ 4/5+4-1= 9 4/5.
3.x equals 21. multiply both sides by 49 to get 49/1*3/7. the 49 can be divided by 7 do that gives you 7*3.
4.you would have 2*8 pieces +6/8 of one dollar. this equals 2.75 dollars or 2 3/4 dollars once you simplify the 6/8.
5. put 460 over 1380 and simplify. again, i do not have my calculator with me.
i don't know if my answers are right because i just did adjectives of this in my head,however, i know the solving steps are correct.

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