How to get the drift BBC and CNN communication on TV?

I am good at English, but not listening. Only on reading...
So I am trying to revise more from listening skill, as I tried on CNN and BBC news each day on the TV news. So how to improve it? Are here useful skills?

Answers:    Alot of online news stories you can listen too OR read. Try printing the read text and reading it AS you listen, like a script; also reading things audibly, that will help you associate the written with the auditory. This works especially powerfully if you take turns reading the same book beside a friend, you can listen and follow along as they read and vice versa.
The more you listen to it, the more the things they say will just generate sense. If you watch it every now and later, it's hard to follow stories. If you watch it everyday, you'll save up easily.

If you watch it and don't infer what you were listening to, dance to their websites and read it afterwards, it will help you understand have both listened and read it.

Good luck!
Try to take report while you are listening. That tends to brand you focus on what they are saying. You may want to try a local news station broadcast-- I find they gossip a little slower and don't use as many "two dollar" words! After you've hear a national or international news story on the local news, and taken transcript, you may be able to follow "the big guys" a bit better.

Practice, practice, practice!
Try using their web sites so you can read roughly a news story and then listen to it. Knowing what it's in the order of in advance should product it easier to pick up on what's being said.

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