What is needed for a homeschooled teen to find their travel document?

she failed the last semester and we know that she have to be passing 3 classes in establish to get her permit but what would she entail in order to turn get the permit. approaching i guess in the school system she would help yourself to a report card would it be the same for homeschool

Answers:    If I were you, I would in recent times call the DMV and ask them what you should bring. Or ask another homeschool family contained by your support group who may have already had a child win their permit.
Usually it's a birth certificate, social financial guarantee card and your parent. Then you also have to take an eye tryout when you get there. You inevitability the right form as well. I live in PA and that's what I needed. The form I needed to pack out was in that book that you read earlier you take the test. On the form you may also obligation a doctors signature and a check/money order for how ever much money it asks for.
Every state is different for permits. Check their website for adjectives the information.

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