:) i need help with this math problem?

Question:Sports Authority ordered 25 pairs of tennis shoes from Nike Corporation. The shoes were priced at $90 for each pair with the following terms: 6/10, 3/30, n/60. The invoice was dated October 11. Sports Authority sent in a payment on October 19. What should have been the amount of the check?

Check amount $

the terms represent 6% discount if paid in ten days, 3%30days, net(total) 60 days.
so the answer is $2115
solve for n,done
25 times 90 and the equality should be?
You know i also encountered that problem...but its up to you and to your teacher in math.No matter how your teacher try to explain the matter..you will not get it if you will not try to solve it..have patience...But if your teacher's way of teaching is very fast or indifferent.. you may react in a respectful way.

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