(EXAMS STUFF) i Really NEED YOUR HELP with this FRENCH stuff this is so IMPORTANT?

Question:mi french teacher gave us the right study sheets but purposly gave us the wrong pgs 1 sheet is in Eng the other is french the Eng has the pg #s. u c he gave us the right textbook pgs but all the wrong cahier pages and he givin us stuf us we never learned (thats not a coincidence) here r the things i dont understand & pls explain in detail

1. how do u no if the verbs in a sentence r Réfléchi ou non (translate-reflected or not)
2. Dictée (I HAVE NO IDEA wat this is & its WORTH 25 MARKS) pls this is the most imp. ? i have 2 ask u
3. Who is speakin? Is this a teen or an adult? (no not u thats 1 of the exam ?s) how can i tell which 1 is speakin?
4. Write 5 ?s. Use 5 interrogative words Who / Where / Why / When / How much of. Can u give me 5 sentences in french
5.complete the sentences by the gud form of a reflected verb. pay attention 2 the reflected pronoun & 2 th endin of a verb(a mark 4 the pronoun & a mark the the endin of a verb)
Thnk u so much u dnt no how much this means

1. You'll find a pretty good explanation here - http://french.about.com/library/weekly/a...

2. Dictee is dictation

3. I don't quite understand the question

4. You may want to learn more on questions and find useful examples here -

and here -

5. I don't quite understand.

6. Good luck :)

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