(-2,9),m=-2 write the equation,,,,,,,,,,, (4,9),m=5/8?

Question:find an equation of the line containing the given point and having the given slope

Slope intercept form is y= mx + b

You have an x,y already (-2,9) and an m -2, so substitue those values into the equation and solve for b.

9 = -2 (-2) + b

9 = 4 + b

5 = b

Now write the final equation:

y = -2 x + 5
First of all you NEED to know this equation y-y1=m(x-x1).
Next multiply 5/8 by x and 5/8 by -4
now you've got or should get y-9 =5/8x-20/8. (-20/8 is equal to -5/2 or -2 and 1/2)
then all you have to do is add your nine to the -2 and 1/2
and you get y=5/8x+6 and 1/2

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