"Unhappy event"...I need story ideas to write about this topic. please HELP?

Going to a party and spilling beverage\food on yourself -

Going shopping and at the checkout finding out your credit card is already maxed out -

Having one of your parents yell at you in front of your friends -

Having your pants split out and not realizing it right away -

Having a big zit the day of the dance, prom, first date -

Eating beans before your first date and the unfortunate side-effects -

Getting caught cheating on a test in front of everyone -

Losing your learning permit -

Having a fender bender with your parent's car -

Having one of the kids you are babysitting break some thing expensive, eat some thing poisonous, or get hurt -

Sneezing in class and having mucus shoot out all over -

Coughing in class and accidently breaking wind -

Tripping in the hallway and falling flat on your face -

Having someone snub you in front of everyone -

Having someone tell your deepest secret to everyone -

Or the violence events that have occurred in April
* Waco siege in Texas
* Oklahoma federal bldg bombing
* Virginia Tech or Columbine Shootings
Unfortunately, we live in a time of many "unhappy events". My wife just found out a friend of hers from school was killed ina shooting at a video store working by himself. To me the most trajic part of this story is that it seems human life is beginning to have less and less value.Very unfortunate!
All good ideas. Also, try thinking of an unhappy event that is more personal. What has happened in your life that made you particularly unhappy? We tend to write best about things that we know.
One day, my boyfriend invited me to eat out.We enjoyed our dinner at a restauranton the riverbank that crosses our city ,where we live.We had hardly finished eating when we heard a noise coming from a crowd of people, not far from our table.
We rushed to the spot only to find out that a mother was looking for her four -year- old son.According to some rumours, he had been kidnapped, but to her, someone could have pushed him down to the river.
We were at a loss in fact, we could neither go home nor stay there.My boyfriend suggested that it would be immoral to leave that woman bear such circumstances by herself.He spoke to the security guard at the restaurant.Many people showed to be helpful ,and went round the place to look for the missing child.We were so upset that we couldn't go home.That unhappy event nearly spoilt our eveningWe had nearly lost hopes for finding him when the security guard came with the child in his arms...He found him lying on a sofa insidethe restaurant and watching tv.His mother hugged him,then fell down.She fainted away ..

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