"memories while looking through an old family album"?

Question:This is an essay topic which I have got. Friends plz give me ideas and suggestions for the topic. or rather bit of introduction sort of. I really need your help coz I have been selected in the 5th round of an essay competition and at this juncture I dont wanna loose. You can provide links and websites also. Thanks a lot!

I suggest you start by looking through an old family album and having your parents/grandparents do the same. Write down how you feel, how they feel. Base your essay on the memory (yours or theirs) you like best.
Since you are in the 5th round of this competition, then you should be able to do the web searching by yourself.
Good luck and don't depend on us to do it for you.
How on earth could we provide you with your memories, or with the backbone of someone else's memories? This topic is rich - and can go so many different ways -- I suggest you start making a list on what grabs you and start creating your essay from the idea that most strikes you. I certainly hope you didn't make it to the 5th round by getting introductions and other pieces and parts from other people.
hi saumya,i think its not an essay writing competition...mmmm... while looking through an old family album"..just feel it....just remember your past and how you spent with your family..don't take it as an essay but feel as though your telling your old memories to your best friend..but in a pleasing manner..it takes hours to think and plan about it...the dialogues,and charismatic face expressions,your voice,your pleasing personality every thing will add in this copetition..

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