"the battle hymn of the republic" was written during which war?

Question:a the american revolution
b the civil war
c world war 1
d world war 2

It is associated with the Civil War, but it was not written during the Civil War, nor was it written during the Revolutionary War ... this is a bad question because all the options are false. It was written in the 1820's ...

I think the answer they want is 'B,' but you should let them know that question is wrong (I have post-Doc in History).
Civil War
civil war
but it depends on if its the song I think you're talkin about
the united states has not had a civil war. a civil war is between or among two or more factions seeking control of the established government institutions.
the confederacy was after separation from the us govt., not taking it over.
separate states, and territories; separate institutions; separate people.
it was a war of aggression---north invaded south.

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