1.how much money were siegel and shuster paid dor each page of their first superman comic book?

Question:2.also, most of the places on the monopoly board game were named by the games inventor for places in a real us city, what city is that?

Joe Shuster was born on July 10th, 1914 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 4 months later Jerry Siegel was born in Cleveland, Ohio as Jerome Siegel on October 17th, 1914. It was shortly after the two met, they began working together. The two would produce another sci-fi fanzine called Science Fiction. Joe Shuster was the Art editor, while Jerry was an editor too. They published Science Fiction with a mimeograph at their high school. This fanzine also had stories from future celebrity writers Forrest J. Ackerman and Ray Bradbury. In the third issue, Siegel used the pseudonym Herbert S. Fine (a mix of cousins name with his mothers maiden name) and wrote a story titled "Reign of the Superman", in it was a villain with super powers. For their work, Joe and Jerry received a $130 check ($10 a page), which was for the first issue and for the rights to the character. Meanwhile Harry Donnenfeld didn't know what kind of hit he had on his hands. From issues 2 to 6, Superman didn't appear on the cover on Action Comics, despite his stories being inside the comic. It was issues #7-10, #13, #15, and #17 that Superman appeared on the cover. DC starting making Supermans cover appearances regular from issue #19 and on, after they were told people were looking for the comic with Superman in it. Action Comics sales eventually doubled the average 250,000 to reach 500,000. But after these few early issues, Siegel and Shuster were paid $500 for each issue

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