"VERY URGENT" Tv dose more harm than good (for debating)?

Question:1Can someone give me some ideas of tv dose more harm than good?

2and what i should say during the debate?

3Is there any skills for debating?

thank you very much

Sorry to tell you, but TV, as such, can only harm you if you let it.You should watch the programs that are beneficial to you and not those that can "contaminate" or "corrupt" you.As far as the percentage of people in the world that are harmed by it ,no one can really verify this statement. However, I hope that the majority use TV as an educational mean and not only for entertainment. Another point to mention is that there are millions of people in the world that are "fighting" for the right to have a "TV". (e.g. Venezuela).
You are fighting a battle against the statistics, but TV has been described as an addiction, and you could argue that most addictions are bad. It has also been linked with increased violence amongst youth.
1. It makes kids obese
Spend less time on school work

2. Facts that support your statement

3. Be confident
Know before hand what your opponent's points are so you can be ready to counter-attack them
People are more violent, fat and lazy!!
Just watch tv and you can figure it out.

Reality shows : People care more about who is gonna win a stupid show than about reality.

Sitcoms: Simpsons, South Park, any with kids that show disrespect for parents, teachers, opposite sex, alternate lifestyles, and racism.

News: Im sorry but Anna Nicole Dying did not deserve as much airtime as it received. Neither does Paris in jail, Lindseys substance abuse problems, Brittanys meltdown, or any celebs love life or baby purchases.

History and National Geographic, PBS, They rock.

Infomercials: Please. 500 channels and 450 full of commercials.

Tele God: Again.Please.
TV does more harm than good. It's a passive activity. A lot of studies show that mental ability is affected by too much tv.

One thing that might help is to think about what your opponent will say so you can come up with rebuttals, ways to dispute what your opponent will say. It's part of the preparation work. You should be able to find lots of information on your side. There have been numerous studies done on the harmful effects of television.
Well, for skills, you always want to sound confident, even if you aren't. Don't hide in your notes, and make eye contact with everybody.
1. TV has certian shows that can make the brain duller as in cartoons are fake they show fake facts that ppl will believe and trust in when it turns out it is a lie.
2. State why TV can be bad for the brain and why it can also be bad for the person watching it.
3.Stay stong and stick with your subject don't fall for the other one stick strongly with yours.Don't get weak with your subject explain why and how TV can be bad.

Good Luck and Stay strong!
in debating i always first made my case as if i was the enemy then i would know what they were gonna argue as their strong points and build my points of that that way ur debate will be ready to be argued and already have the potential to destroy theirs, remember u dont have to be right u just can't be wrong.
say things like TV can be partly to blame for the obesety epidemic, and other things like the children of (insert country here) are getting less intelligent and lazy by the generation, and TV is a main link between them and stuff like that
it kills ur creativity
you don't get excersize and you can overeat if you have snacks.
I have heard that it's tv that does the harm but the content that is shown on tv. For example violence. Many people become tolerant to brutal unecessary gore because of what they see and watch.

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