1. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance between this pair of points: A(-2, -6) and B(1, -2).?

to calculate the hypotenuse, which is what the Pythagorean Thereom does, you need two legs of a right triangle, which you've been given. The legs are the distance between the x points and the y points from each data set.

X leg = -2 to 1 (distance of 3 units)
Y leg = -6 to -2 (distance of 4 units)

a (sq) + b (sq) = c (sq)
(3x3) + (4x4) = c (sq)
9 + 16 = c (sq)
25 = c (sq)
5 = c
use the distance formula (x2-x1)+(y2-Y1)
horizontal distance is 3. vertical distance is 4. use the equation and solve for the diagonal. the answer will be 5.

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