. Why might the 1960s be considered the most tumultuous decade during the twentieth century?

certainly with the student demonstrations and city riots are a start, plus the push for desegregation in the South and all those confrontations.

Vietnam was also a very divisive issue
one word, and one word only: hippies
Civil Rights was forefront in this era. The battles over segregation and desegregation were numerous and often bloody or deadly. Research civil rights and you will get your answer!

Good luck =)
This was the time that the baby boomers were getting to their teens and twenties. During this time there was much political unrest due to war. Protest bands became evident and adolescents across America protested what was going on with the government and the country's actions across the world. Drug use and promiscuity ("free love") took place in many different fashions as forms of protest against the rigidity of society. This type of lifestyle became known as the "hippie" lifestyle. I think that should be about enough to answer your question, though, if you need more information type "hippie" or "grateful dead" into www.wikipedia.org
It's a prelude...the war was stopped. This time the result will be much larger.
First Catholic President - Kennedy. Cuban Missile Crisis - nuclear war threatened. Kennedy's assasination. Vietnam War Escalates - demonstrations all over the country. Psychedelic drug usage. Rock music pinnacle - Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Doors, Joplin, Greatful Dead, Santana... Woodstock I, space program, man on the moon 1969.
The blood.

Both Kennedys, Martin Luther King, the riots and the war we watched on TV...

Need I go on?

I used to fear the 1980's because everyone said they would be the "turbulent 80's." Nobody says anything like that now that we're out 30 years past then.

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