1. Share with us an example of how you applied the theory of adolescent egocentrism.?

Question:. 2. List three examples of a rite of passage you experienced

Adolescent egocentrism refers to adolescents tendency to focus on themselves and their needs, while ignoring others' perspectives. My personal example of this is dating a guy that was "wrong" for me in high school. My parents tried to tell me that he was no good etc, etc, but I thought I knew best (they of course were right.) Rites of passage I experienced were: first boyfriend, getting a drivers license and losing my virginity. Hope this helps!
1.When I was a teenager in a serious relationship, I began having sex with my then boyfriend. I contracted a bladder infection and subsequently had to be seen by a doctor. He asked about birth control and I told him we weren't using any and if I got pregnant it was meant to be. Then he mentioned AIDS and I "assured" him that my boyfriend wasn't cheating on me and that I knew he did not contract it prior to me. (Does this fit?)

I am assuming you want my teenage rites of passage, not my adult ones.
2. Had sex for the first time at 15 1/2
Graduated High School with 120 credits more than I needed
Gave birth to my 1st child at 18

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