(c3-c2+2c)-(-3c3-3c2-4c) please help?

Question:the numbers after the coefficient is the exponent


It is just like multiplying the second set of parentheses by a negative one.

c3 + -c2+ 2c + 3c3 +3c2 + 4c

Then you combine your like terms.

(c3 + 3c3) + (3c2 + -c2) + (2c + 4c)

Add the parentheses.

4c3 + 2c2 +6c

Then factor a "2c" out of it...

2c(2c2 +c +3)

That is your final answer.
c^3 - c^2 + 2c + 3c^3 + 3c^2 + 4c
(because a minus outside the bracket changes the sign of every term inside the bracket, once you remove the brackets)

Group all the like terms together.

c^3 + 3c^3 - c^2 + 3c^2 + 4c + 2c
which is the same as
4c^3 + 2c^2 +6c
That simplifies to 4c^3+2c^2+6c
combine the cubed terms (c^3 and 3c^3), and squared terms (-c^2 and 3c^2) and the linear terms (2c and 4c) to get the answer: 4c^3+2c^2+6c
Open up the brackets:

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