How did apothecary cause romeo and juliet's death?

Question:PLEASSSSSEEE answer asap its part of my essay due SOON!!

Hesitant to provide Romeo the poison to help him ease the pain. Juliet called Romeo "selfish" because when she wiped his dead lips, he "did not leave any for me." Apothecary did it for what most of us do it for--the money.
He provided Romeo with the poison which he drank when he saw Juliet lieing in her coffin faking death. When she wakes up she kills herself with Romeo's dagger.
The apothecary sold Romeo the poisen that killed him. He took it at Juliet's burial place but then she came back (she was sleeping because she used a drug that made her look dead) she found a dead Romeo and she stabbed herself.

I just got done with that book for a class
Because Juliet was given a drug to make herself sleep, therefore making people think she was dead so she could slip away after the funeral and meet with Romeo. However when Romeo found her in this position he thought she was dead and he poisoned himself to death. Juliet than arose to find romeo dead and stabbed herself to death. Apothecary is one who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes
The apothecary sold the poison to Romeo even tho Manuta's law is death if you get caught. Then Romeo tells the apothecary (in not so many words) well it looks like you are poor and have no food and I don't see anyone helping you out, so just take the money. Then the apothecary says "My poverty, but not my will, consents." then Romeo replies " I pay thy poverty, and not thy will." So the apothecary pretty much handed Romeo "the loaded gun"
i think that you should talk to the one who is writing their essay on how the nurse was responsible for the death of romeo and juliet. Just look higher up on the page of this section.

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