Question:simplify the expression.

im still scratching my head over: 2+2 .but i'll work on your problem as soon as I've finished
i think its -1-1i lol not too sure but if it help lol there it is
Your question has one left parenthesis and two right parentheses.

If you meant [2 - 5i] - [3 + 4i] you would need to distribute the negative giving 2 - 5i - 3 - 4i which when the similar terms are added would give -1 - 9i

If it was supposed to be a multiplication [2 - 5i][-3 + 4i]
then you have to "FOIL" giving

-6 + 8i + 15i - 20i^2

because i^2 = -1, the last term would become a positive or added 20

-6 + 8i + 15i + 20 then add the similar terms

14 + 23i
if you mean this [2-5i]-[3+4i]
then i think the answer would be..
but then i might be wrong...
as you've written it, the answer is -1 - i

i have no idea how ms. math teacher figured out what she did, but if you didnt copy down the problem correctly, then she might actually be right.

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