"a mother surrounded by mannville" Help Please.!?

a mother in mannville a sequel after wat u think happens after the story ends... inventing stuff.
the introduction rising appointments climax falling action conclusion
u don't have to tell me everything simply give me an example cause i cant think of anything..
A sequel to that story?

Um possibly the lady is standing at the door after being told that the boy has no mom and she tell the woman shell be back for the boy once she finishes her story. [If in the story she didn't give the boy a leave-taking gift this is where she gives the orphanage woman a present for the boy.] But the orphanage lady doesn't tell the boy this [or give him the gift] so he doesn't achieve his hopes up.

Months have passed. So she finishes the story and goes back to the orphanage to find out that the boy have run away to find her. She goes into the woods to find one of the boys shoes. Then she sees that there is a fort surrounded by the woods that is on fire and she hears the boys cries for aid. So she pulls him out of the remains of the fort and carries him to the orphanage. But its too late and the boy dies of his severe injuries. The lady is so pitiful about this and decides to write a book about the boy and donate the money she make to the orphanage. The story ends with the beginning of the first paragraph that told about the boy that be in "A Mother In Mannville." (where it said something about him calling something laurel)

*extended ending* The lady go back to the burnt down fort and sees a hole contained by a tree. She reaches in there and finds the endowment she gave the boy. The story ends with the lady crying at the bed of the tree.

*alternate ending* The lady pulls the boy out of the wreckage and drives him to a nearby hospital. After a few hours they tell her that he have died but they found out some interesting info. The boy is the lady's son she gave up for adoption when he was a baby. The female is shocked and ends up crying in the waiting room for her dead son. Source(s): lol that was fun, hoped this help

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