<math homework assist for my son a second grader HARD STUFF.?

imagine that you belong to an automatic savings plan at work and that every week for one year 15.25 is deducted from your paycheck. How much money will own been placed in this savings details at the end of the year? and now heres the next interrogate this is where i get lost in the jumble i cant comfort my second grader because im to dumb myself..lol" B. imagine that you want to make a major purchase costing 2,000.00. you wish to save half of the percent indicated under "miscellaneous" on the budget graph.(there a circle graph on this page) . 1. So usint the all in the mind figure of 19,250.00 as an annual income figure how much money could you save within a year if you budgeted half of the miscellaneous amount?
2.. how much more than the amount you saved above from both A.(the automatic payroll saving) and b.1(miscellaneous budget) would you need to set free to get your purchase price of 2,000.00?
On #1 there are 12 months in a year so multiply 15.25 times 12.
On #2 divide the miscellaneous percent by 2 next multiply it by 19250.00, then divide by 100.
Then add your two answers up, and subtract from 2000.00
1) $15.25per wk X 52wks per yr = $793
2) 0.5% = 0.005
0.005 X $19,250.00 = $96.25
3)$793.00 + $96.25 = $889.25
$2,000.00 - $889.25 = $1,110.75

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