"Plastic Fantastic" sports coup¨¦ relieve?

i need some help with a homework assignment. this is what the assignment sheet say:

Plastics are now widely used in the manufacture of saloon body parts.
Plastic parts are easily moulded and cheap to replace.
Some companies have developed car bodies made completely of plastic.

Your odd job:

Using an A4 sized sheet of paper, draw up an advertising poster for the "Plastic Fantastic" sports car, incorporating your own saloon design.

On your poster, include the following information:
- A slogan for your car
- Label any special features on your car
- A price guide for your car

so unsophisticatedly, what i need help with is a slogan and a price guide. how much would a plastic coup¨¦ cost? and what would any special features be? PLEASE HELP!!

thankyou in advance for any answers.

oh, and by the way, if you hold no idea, please don't say so, only answer if you hold any idea at all.

cheers :D
Plastic car would cost in the order of $300 to $ 4000.

Plastic cars are cheap and affordable

You can search more info on google


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