Economices hw. please assistance. cant find these answers.?

2. A graph of data points in the supply schedule creates which of the following?
a constraint curve
a supply curve
the quanitity of goods demanded
the supply of goods available

3. What happens within the case of a product that has elastic supply when the price decrease?
Existing producers expand, and new producers enter the market.
Some producers produce less, and others drop out of the flea market.
Existing firms continue their usual output but earn less.
New firms enter the market as elder ones drop out.

4. A supply schedule is characterized by which of the following?
It shows the quanitity supplied at only one price.
It shows the factors that could influence supply.
It is sensitive to change in the costs of labor and parts.
It lists supply for a specific good.
Here's your definition, you decide the proper answer:
2. (a supply schedule is a table which contains values for the price of a good and the mass that would be supplied at that price.)
3. (Supply elasticity is equal to percent change in quantity divided by percent devolution in price. The higher the ratio, the more dramatically the price changes surrounded by response to a change in supply. Supply elasticity of a product is usually dependent upon the current supply of that product. At low levels of supply, supply elasticity tend to be high and it becomes less so as supply rises. This is because as supply increases, it become more difficult for producers to increase supply further as production approaches full capacity.)
4. (Supply schedules may be drawn up to reflect the behavioral propensities of a single inimitable individual, household, or firm -- or, more frequently encountered in microeconomic analysis, composite supply schedules for the focused good may be derived by adding up all the supply schedule of the large number of individuals, households or firms that are active or potentially active as seller in the market under consideration.)

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