Help!! - Argue for/against!!?

For my English homework i have to write down reasons for and against banning second-hand goods food adverts on the tv. Please help i need both for and against if you can gratitude x
reason for bannning: it MAY help with the health problems children and adults are facing today but thats not lasting, it may be a good idea to attempt this tho.
reasons to not proscription: families spend what little time they can at dinner together or during a meal, when two parents work sometimes it is just easier to take a hamburger or something else fast food, it isnt the healthiest way but it makes things easier.the approach to help children eat healthier is to quit giving these option in the schools such as vending machines with chips and candy bar..when i was in high university is when the machines were brought in and i loved it but the truth of the matter is we basically neeed healthier and affordable food in our cafeterias.:) hope this help.
For :junk food taste nice and folks need to be able to know what treats they can have once surrounded by a while. the confectionery market is massive without advertising the discount would be hit even harder. think of all the kids who spend money on crappy food. not to mention that ITV and other TV stations are funded by adverts and that cast-offs food people spend millions on adverts every year

AGAINST: junk food is fruitless for your health . if it wasn't advertised then relatives would be far less likely to buy it. health risks within concern to weight is growing as the number of obesity saws to an adjectives time high. the money it cost every year for the nhs to treat over-weight people amounts to hundreds of thousands every year.
FOR: Junk foods taste better due to sugar and other additives...

AGAINST: the world is increasing in size (not population)...we're all becoming fatasses.
FOR: It gives children and adults an thought about the food being sold and lets the individual choose what to munch through. Also it lets the consumer know about the diffrent types of food and stores that are available,and it doesnt fully influence the desicion of the consumer,

AGAINST: Encourages individuals to eat or tolerate there children eat junk food and can front to obesity and other health issues. The advertisements do not show adjectives the details about having too much junk food.

Answer Mine Please:;_ylt=AjOypQ7dA7Bg23BYyhPtX8kgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090921101136AAangO2
for, the shear number of job the are at stake, if people stopped or dropped the amount of junk food they eat, how plentiful jobs would be lots in a already tight job souk.

against, the amount of money spent on medical health because of the junk we eat would jump down as we start to eat better.
Well, if you like junk food...why do you think they should save the advertising? Junk food is not bad in moderation (there's you 1 argument for).

Now, envision you didn't like junk food...what would be your argument against? What about it man unhealthy or contributing to obesity? (there are 2 arguments against).

I'm sure you can think of creative. Put yourself contained by the "For" and "Against" mindset and imagine how you'd feel about it and why.

Good luck!
For: The world is full of obese people, the strength risks associated with junk food can be fatal, adjectives children and adults may be easily convinced into buying junk food.
Against: People should be able to formulate their own decisions about what they can and can't eat, unwanted items food in moderation is ok as long as its part of a balanced diet and we live surrounded by a democracy so junk food manufacturers could argue that it is censorship.
--obesity costs the healthcare system millions of dollars annually.
--some products considered unhealthy are already banned for selling on tv (namely, cigarettes and other tobacco products).

--Freedom of Speech/Press
so against should be fairly easy - its bad for you, race are already obese, children are impreshionable

and for - free speech,companies have right to show their products, without advertising theirs smaller number slaes, less sales, means smaller quantity jobs etc
against that's uneducated! why the heck would you do that? people can make their own choices of what they want to eat. thats almost as dumb as the one that took the cigarette commercials of the tv! if you guess you have to do something just cuz you see it on tv, you belong in a mental institution cuz you hold serious issues. :oP

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