25 changeable uses for purple pin polish?

For my public speaking and debate class I need to come up with 25 totally random uses for purple pin polish... within the next 4 hours or so... The best will get best answer and will hopefully be pretty funny when I read them tomorrow

So far I enjoy:
Paint your nails
Paint your toenails
Paint your room
Paint your pet's nails
Paint your cat
Write with it
Paint on somebody's obverse when they are sleeping
Paint your shoes
Put it in people's eyes
Eat it
Sniff it
Paint your eyebrows?
Throw it at somebody
I need AT LEAST 10 more good ones because some of the ones I already enjoy been given by people are really dumb!!
Paint a light bulb
use it as bonding agent
paint your phone
Stop a run contained by purple pantyhose.
Cover a canvas with it and scrape away to generate art.
Set it on fire.
Fill a crack. Source(s): Amusement
fill in a chip of paint on a car or other vehicle
how about doing touch ups on HotWheels....I know i.e. how I use mine....and, another one.....put a dot of nail polish color onto the bottom of something you want to be able to identify as YOURS>>>>>>
paint you jewlery?
paint you shoes?
paint your phone?
paint a fake tatoo?
use as makeup?
put it on a bug bite (like clear polish), except more stylish =)
Use it as a primer for Nail Polish Remover.
Stain your Nails.
Create a semi-permanent tattoe of a grape (or any other purple object)
Personalise Ipod Speaker.
Personalise your ipod.
Personalise your phone.
Personalise your hairbrush (you get the theory with these...)
Fool someone who wears glasses into thinking that their verbs has gone purple. (Paint the lenses)
Paint your teeth purple then scare your dentist.
Put a pretty picture on a mirror.
Put a moustache on mona lisa.

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