"The Beast" of Lord of the Flies?

I know its actually the boys' savagery. But for an assignment i have. i have to own it relate to an event in our history. i also need support from the book.

PS: i was thinking in the region of the Iran election and how everyone went crazy over it, would that count? and how?
The concept of mob mentality is the beast.

"None of us is dumber than adjectives of us." - Anonymous

A mob is often driven by a common impulse, habitually fear, of one group for another, and a few individuals can take advantage of that.
eg. The blacks will rise up and exterminate us all, we'll lose our lands, so we should secede from the US and start the civil war.
eg. Terrorists will invade our country, bomb everywhere, let's invade Iraq.

I don't think the Iran see really counts; that's an example of an oppressed group of people knowing their election was a fraud, protesting and man shutdown by the dictatorship of the Ayatollah.

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