Physics homework oblige? Spaceman Bob can erect 450 N on Earth. He visit an asteroid where on earth the surface gravity?

Spaceman Bob can lift 450 N on Earth. He visits an asteroid where the surface gravity is 0.9 that of Earth’s gravity, and picks up a rock example that he can barely lift.
(a) What is the weight of the rock on the asteroid?

(b) How much will it weigh when he get it back to Earth?
(a) 450 N. That's how much Spaceman Bob can lift.

(b) 450 N / 0.9 = 500 N, so it weighs 500 N here.

By the approach, that's a pretty big asteroid. Earth's moon has only 1/6 of Earth's gravity. Mars has solitary 0.37 of Earth's gravity.

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