"Song As Stories" HW?

I really need help on my homework. I know it's stupid to ask for HW help on EducationAsk.com, but still!

OK, so we needed to pick a song for English class, a song that we similar to a lot. I had a feeling we would be doing something near the song, and of course we are. So, I have to reread the lyrics over and over and over again to do this.

You have to;;
1.) Identify the characters.
2.) Map the plot.
3.) Describe the setting of your song within complete sentences.

The page were you can find the song I picked and the lyrics are as follows;

Yep, yep.
Oh, and it's due tomorrow.
I have no idea what the song is roughly speaking... I mean, I know it has to do with cliques, but I don't know the characters or the setting. And what in the order of the plot?
Your main character is probably a young womanly teenager in high arts school who is trying to fit in. The other characters will be high schoolers who represent different life style of how a minor should be based on TV advertisements and such. Think Stereotypes.

The plot is the young womanly heroine, as she journeys through life confronted by each of these stereotypes as she struggles to find her own place surrounded by the world.

The Setting should be your typical high school

Hope that helps.

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