"How to" speech design?

For speech class we have to do a "how to" or demonstration speech. My teacher wants us to bring the entire class involved. I was thinking of doing like some kind of no-bake candy recipe. Maybe approaching lollipops or something. Anybody have a recipe for a no-bake candy or dessert?
Or can you think of any other topics i could do?
The only problem near no-bake desserts is that they generally don't taste any good. :)

I'd borrow a crepe author and make crepes with a few different fillings, some savory, so sweet. Everybody will love them, it's effortless to involve people, and most people think it's a fancy food even though it's a snap to label.

Best wishes!
You could put together a "survival/disaster kit". Things like water, canned food, rainproof matches, blankets, etc., all placed into a 55-gallon plastic garbage container. The whole class could get involved, they may have concept of other things they would want in their own kits. And on the upside, when your speech is over, your family have a completed kit. It's really pretty simple.

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