How do i find the stats of the 4 types of MS surrounded by men v women?

Am finding i'm going round in circles a bit. There are four types of MS and it is more prevalent in women than men but where on earth can i find the statistics of each comparing the sex?

Answers:    Here's a good starting point. You couls also try your state or national MS society if you enjoy one - It also has stuff about treatment, symptoms and diverse other things which affect the people who have MS
I'm guessing you're a med or nursing student so want it methodical...
According to the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society there are four subtypes:
1) Relapsing-remitting MS
2) Secondary progressive MS
3) Primary progressive MS
4) Progressive relapsing MS.
Males have a greater predisposition to develop primary progressive MS, while females tend to experience more relapses.
I used emedicine all the time when I was a student, and I still use it in a minute. Check it out.
Go on, net America does all the research. Hope you attain your results. Chow!

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